Lawn Aeration

Aeration is one of the most important and beneficial practice that encourages deeper and stronger roots. By the word itself Core – Aeration means the circulation of air which is done through making holes in the lawn by extracting plugs of soil.
Here are some of the major reason’s Y you should get your lawn aerated this season :
  • Improves Soil Structure:
Compacted soil obviously begins with usage. The more you play or walk on a spot of lawn, the more the soil will compact. It also may occur due to lack of water in the soil. In short, compacted soil works against everything your grass needs and may result into lots of dead patches on the lawn. Here Aeration makes sense to relieve the soil stress and feed your lawn with oxygen and nitrogen.
  • Reduces thatch build up:
While a little bit of thatch (dead grass) protects the lawn, it becomes a problem when layer gets to be ½ inch thick or more. At this thickness, the thatch keeps water from penetrating the soil and provides a breeding ground for insects and diseases. Aeration helps to breakdown thatch by providing micro organisms that will feed on thatch by lifting up soil- cores.
  • Weed - Control:
Spraying herbicide and pesticide was sometimes the easiest way to get rid of weeds but it has been banned in every other part of Canada. However, core- Aeration is believed to be one most efficient ways that improves the movement of water and organic fertilizer to the root system resulting to deeper and stronger roots.
More Roots = Stronger Roots = Lesser Weeds
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